Carry on London, the last time

Here are some old posts from the last time they tried to resurrect the Carry On films

29th November 2004: Carry On London update:

Despite losing actors Danniella Westbrook and Shaun
Williamson the next Carry On movie is still planned
to shoot next year. Written by Brian Leveson and Paul
Minett, Carry On London tells of a limousine firm hired
to take celebrities to the Herberts – the British equivalent
of the Oscars. Terry Winsor directs.

8th March 2004: Carry on London Update:

Just received word that George Pavlou has now taken
over the role of Producer on Carry On London after James
Black has left the project. Lady Isabella Hervey is
also no longer involved in the project.

6th February 2004: Carry On London Update:

The following info on Carry On London has just been
sent in “Andrew Whyment has officially withdrawn
from the project so will no longer be in the film. Bollywood
actress Zora Suleman is to play the part of Min Jeta
not the other way around. The writers of the scripts
are Paul Minett and Brian Leveson who both wrote the
Booze Cruise recently aired on ITV1. The Director is
Terry Winsor. The official web site is

2nd February 2004: Carry On London Update:

Manoj has been in touch to advise that word has Bollywood
actress Min Jeta having a role in Carry On London and
also media tarts Neil & Christine Hamilton having
a cameo appearance.

Thursday 4th December 2003: Carry On London Update:
Britney Spears could play a role in the new Carry On film, according to
reports. Apparently, she’s keen on playing temptress Rhoda Freely, the
daughter of I P Freely. Burt Reynolds has been tipped to play I P
Freely, the film’s central character. Meanwhile, Sir Paul McCartney has
been approached to record the film’s opening song. Producer James Black
said: “Paul is very keen and I’ve been told Britney wants to play the
part. Her involvement is not based on whether or not Burt accepts.”

22nd October 2003: Carry on London Update:

Jynine James from Abergele, north Wales has been signed
up for an as yet unspecified role in Carry On London.
“I’ve been brought up on Carry On films and I’m
honoured to be part of that. I have always been a big
campaigner for British talent, particularly in film
and music and feel this film particularly will go a
long way to upholding this belief,” is what she
had to say on the news.

4th September 2003: Carry on London Update:

Anon has just emailed in the following update on Carry
on London “As we speak the final drafts of the
script Carry On London are nearing completion.
latest filming dates we have are early Feb 2004
is James Black
is George Pavlou
Producer Peter Rogers

Isabella Hervey

Music contributions from Leanne Carr,Tony Hadley,Jynine
James and Lady Isabella Hervey.
Jason is not contracted to be in the film.”

21st July 2003: Carry On London Update:
An article on Daniella Westbrook where they get
her made up like Babs Windsor has appeared online

17th July 2003: Carry On London Update:

Just received word that Tony Hadley
is being rumoured for a part in Carry on London, anyone any more info?

7th July 2003: Carry on London Update:

EastEnders star Shaun Williamson
has joined the cast of the new Carry On
movie. The actor, who is set to leave
the BBC1 soap in November, will play
a Norman Wisdom-style chauffeur called
Dicky Ticker. Carry On London will
also feature Danniella Westbrook in a Barbara
Windsor-style role. It is the 32nd
film in the series of comedies and the first
since Carry On Columbus in
1992. Graham Norton, Dale Winton and Burt Reynolds
will also make
appearances in the movie, set to start filming at Pinewood Studios
year. It tells the tale of a limousine firm hired to take celebrities
The Herberts, the British equivalent of The Oscars.

4th July 2003: Carry On London Update:

the ‘stars’ keep on getting added to the cast of Carry On London with
that Shaun Williamson has been added to the cast and will play a
called Dicky Ticker. And for those of who who have no idea who he
is, he’s
a soap actor who has not has had contract renewed by EastEnders.

Tuesday 20th May 2003: Carry on London Update:
Oh my god the Carry
On movies are back! And the next movie will be called Carry On London. Already
signed up to star are David Jason. Just announced today is that Daniella Westbrook
has beat a pile of others for the Barbara Windsor role in the flic. It is thought
that Graham Norton, Dale Winton and Burt Reynolds will all have roles in the movie
that is thought to be filming at Pinewood next year. The movie’s plot will focus
on a limouisine firm hired to take celebrities to the Herberts a fictitous UK
version of the Oscars.


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